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the early years of her life with john quincy, they attend numerous types of churches, especially whoever the rotating preacher was in the capital during the secretary of state and presidency years could be presbyterian or unitarian. an ends up very much episcopal thinker, high church and is very, in her later years, she spends a lot of time reminiscing and reflecting on the role of religion and it's very much an important piece for her. >> next up is nick in prince frederick, maryland, hi, nick. >> first of all, thank you for this great program. i'm glad you are part of it. we have links to louisa catherine here. her uncle was one of maryland's first governors. the most we have is what of our town centers, we have a plaque. and a book where you get an impression of louisa catherine that she is very involved in the politics of washington. you don't get the sense of whether it is just a surface or whether her words are contributing to the compromises that are made during that time. would you mind commenting on those two things? >> that is louisa catherine's birth family. in marylan
nations. roberth 26, we have johnson, chairman of r.l.j. companies incorporated. we have john h. noseworthy, medical doctor and mayodent and c.e.o. of the issues facinging the healthcare industry. i would like to present our with the traditional mug.nal press club coffee thank you. >> thank you, everybody, appreciate it. [applause] like to thank our audience for coming today and nationalto thank the press club staff including its andnalism institute broadcasting for organizing today's event and we have one final question. your man tous about put republicans into office. it's very detailed, many pages long. what's your plan to get the packers to bring home the super season?phy next >> boy, that's a tough one. i'm a huge packer fan say as long as we get to play the bears, the lionss and the detroit twice a year, we've got a pretty good avenue to the super bowl. i appreciate all of you, you've continue obviouslyreer and and in being here but i know we have of work to do as a nash party and i want to know that every day we're going to try to and the mission for the day to build up a
. wolf to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend orrin warder, st. paul's episcopal church, alexandria, virginia. the chaplain: let us pray. blessed are you god of the universe, you have created us and given us life. blessed are you god of this earth. you have set our world like a radiant jewel in the heavens and filled it with beauty and hope. blessed are you god of these united states of america, for all the lessons of our past, for all that remains for us to do. blessed are you god of truth and justice, guide the men and women of this house of representatives. grant them insight, courage, compassion, and imagination. protect them from corruption and arrogance. and grant that we whom they seek to serve may give them the support that they need. increase our trust in one another. strengthen our quest for justice. and bring us to unity and a common purpose. blessed are you god of the universe and blessed are we your people. aamen.
lady's series with rachel jackson. later, general john allen discusses his time in afghanistan. >> as people gather in front of the supreme court, a couple of tweets from media outlets. tweet, andent out a another one from the hill's briefing room. >> tonight, called a bigamist and adultery during her husband's 1828 presidential campaign, racheldax and dies of an apparent heart attack before andrew jackson takes office. his knees becomes the white house hostess but is later dismissed in the fallout from a scandal. angelica van buren is the white house hostess for her father-in- law, president martin van buren, who was a widower. we will include your comments and questions tonight live at 9 eastern on c-span and c-span3. also on c-span radio and c- >> former defense department on ail jeh johnson targeted killings overseas. administration faces questions over that legal rationale of that operation. this is just under an hour. >> good morning. it is a pleasure to welcome you here today to new york's never ending winter. glad to see you could get up so early and break you
in 1824 presidential campaign of her husband, john quincy adams. and the complex relationship with her mother-in-law, forever -- former first lady abigail adams. tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span and c-span3. speeches from the weekend meeting of the conservative political action conference. the head of the advocacy group citizens united talked-about car brous's latest efforts to influence republican primaries leading up to the 2014 primary elections. about 15 minutes. >>>> two years ago the president told a lie about the supreme court decision called citizens united. the case struck a huge blow. the president of citizens united is up next. he has proposed document series since 2004. please welcome david bossie. [applause] i'm president of citizens united. it has been a big year, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. it is great to be back here as we come together for our 40th time. citizens united is doing it again this year, where we get a chance to show off some of the groundbreaking conservative films available today. conservatives need to think of new and innovative ways to develop
worked for the presidential campaign for senator john mccain. what i learned is with if you take the words campaign finance reform, you can take the most hypercaffeinated politically obsessed in the world and put them to sleep. we learned the word redistricting is the way to accomplish the same thing. this is not the kind of thing that voters wake up thinking about. they think about their hildren's schools jobs, how do you get people -- how do you get voters to focus on something that sounds like inside baseball but has the affect that senator daschle is talking about? >> one way is to let everything go to hell like it is right now. then people will say how come we're not fixing this? to provide a bookend to focus on campaign money that candidates have to raise, we can focus on what dan mentioned, which is the people's money. congress is responsible for appropriating and spending and budgeting. the government might not be responsible for everything but they are certainly responsible for our money. they make it. they are responsible for a locating for what they collect from taxpay
with liza adams. we will see the important role she played in the 1824 campaign of john quincy adams and the relationship with her mother-in- law, abigail adams. we will include your questions, live tonight at 9:00 eastern on c-span and c-span3 , also on c- span radio and kenny spokeda about efforts to reform his government at george washington university. this is 35 minutes. [applause] mark, bryan, ambassador collins, ladies and gentlemen, i was told i was coming to a university, but there are all the languages in the world -- i am going to speak for two hours in ayers. may i wish you all a happy st. patrick's week. washingtonto be in and have the opportunity to give andcture in respect of paul what he stood for and how is.rtant he employees to speak of a great irishman, described on many occasions as a new yorker who for the underdogs and outsiders who never forgot where he came from. onill say a few words to you the issue and a cause of something that is so close to all our hearts and people all around the world, our democracy. i am personally honored at the george was
john mccain. what i learned is if you take the word campaign finances reform and string them together enough times you can take the most politically obsessed audience in the world and put them to sleep. kind of thingst the that voters wake up and think about. they think about streets and parks. a question for any panelist, how do you get people, voters, to focus on something that sounds like inside baseball, but could have a profound effect that the senator is talking about? >> one way to do is to let everything go to hell, which is happening now, and they can say how come we are not fixing this proved to provide a bookend for the focus on the campaign money that candidates have to raise, we can focus on what dan manchin, people's money, that congress is responsible for appropriating and budgeting. the government might not be responsible for everything, but they are certainly responsible for our money, and they are responsible for allocating what they collect from taxpayers. as the secretary general has said, rationing is a painful thing that puts everything out, the process can help.
rebuilding america it is about the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> olympic gold medalist john carlos discusses his personal experience. live saturday at 8 p.m. eastern part of "book tv." >> a discussion on egypt economy and upcoming elections. congressr members of talk about partisanship and their experiences on capitol hill. later we will get another look at the joint press conference with president obama and king abdullah. egypt remains divided with clashes continuing between supporters of the muslim brotherhood and those who oppose this government. theyshington on thursday, talk about egyptian politics and implications for the united states. personally oversaw the research or this project. she twisted my arm into doing this event, so thank you, and also to michele and samer. i will begin by rolling out the study that was released today, the type line was that egypt is not lost to islamists. non-islamists are increasingly competitive, in certain areas of the country, and should they choose to contest future elections, they are likely to pick up seats on their islamist rivals
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9